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Prolong Travel Mug • Safe in minutes, savour for hours

Buy online…

Or, at these retailers.

In Ottawa:
Ingenium Boutique, Museuem of Science & Technology

In Peterborough:
Peterborough Green Up (Aylmer St.)
The TCSA Office in the Trent Student Centre

The wait is over.

Tired of pouring your favourite hot drink into a travel mug only to wait… and wait… for it to cool to a point where you can enjoy it?

The wait is over. Within minutes of filling, the Prolong Travel Mug cools hot beverages to the optimal temperature for taste, quality and safety, then maintains it for several hours, ensuring you enjoy your hot beverage at its best.

Stop waiting. Start enjoying.


Your health!

As a result of common brewing, preparation, and serving practices, most heated drinks are served at nearly 80°C (176°F). Recent studies published in The Lancet Oncology* have established evidence of the carcinogenic impact of drinking coffee, tea, and other very hot liquids. More recently, the World Health Organization has classified beverages in excess of 65°C (149°F) as probable carcinogens. This is in addition to the risk of scalding that comes with drinking or spilling excessively hot beverages.

The Phase Change Material in the Prolong Travel Mug is specifically designed to reduce beverage temperature to a safe 65°C within minutes (depending on the starting temperature), ensuring your favorite hot beverage is both safe to drink, and to travel with.

*Carcinogenicity of drinking coffee, mate, and very hot beverages. Published online June 15, 2016 in The Lancet Oncology. First author Dana Loomis, International Agency for Research on Cancer Monograph Working Group, Lyon, France.

A travel mug that works
as hard as you do.

At the heart of the Prolong Travel Mug is our unique, patented Phase Change Material (PCM), produced from Ontario soybeans. Pour a hot liquid into your Prolong Travel Mug and the PCM goes to work, rapidly absorbing excess heat from your beverage and cooling it to a perfect 65°C. As it does, the PCM in the liner converts from a solid to liquid state, thermodynamically absorbing and trapping heat from the mug’s contents and lowering its internal temperature. Later, as your beverage begins to cool, the process reverses, the PCM solidifies, and the stored heat is released back into your beverage, keeping it in the optimum temperature range.

Time “In The Perfect Zone”*


Better for you, better for the environment.

Produced from Ontario-grown soybeans, a sustainable resource, the Phase Change Material used in the Prolong Travel Mug is non-toxic and biodegradable.

The Prolong Travel Mug requires no cords, batteries, or charging. The PCM recharges naturally within 24 hours at room temperature, or immediately by flushing the cavity with cold water for approximately one minute.

Proudly designed at Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario.


Buy your Prolong Travel Mug today!

Prolong Travel Mugs are also available at the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) Office in the Trent Student Centre.


Phase Materials Inc. was formed as a commercialization vehicle for the research conducted within the Trent Centre for Biomaterials Research (TCBR) which is related to Phase Change Materials and their applications. The company is owned by Trent University Researchers, including graduate students, technical staff and Professors, and Trent Alumni investors. The company utilizes Intellectual Property created at and owned by Trent University.

The TCBR is focused on remaking the world’s materials sustainably. Unique in North America, the TCBR is at the cutting edge of research and technology development that will transform our world. Working to create a more sustainable future is at the heart of the work being conducted by the TCBR. Our focus on development, agricultural utilization and geographical, environmental and commercial impacts, sets Trent University’s biomaterials approach apart. This is a research program where science meets social science and humanities, and where the creation and use of biomaterials is being examined within an ethical framework. One of only a handful of programs of its kind in the world, the TCBR is a leader in this life-changing realm of research.

The TCBR is, or has been in the past, funded by the following organizations:

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